Watch This Plane Make a Terrifying Touch-and-Go Landing in a Wind Storm

Windstorm Herwart has been raging through Central Europe, and it's causing problems for pilots flying anywhere near it.

An Enter Air plane flying from Frankfurt, Germany attempted to land in Salzburg, Austria during the storm and encountered a scary situation. The wind blew the plane off-course, and it had to make a touch-and-go landing. According to the description in one of the videos, the plane had to return to Frankfurt. 

You can see the plane from the outside in the video above, and then from inside the plane below. All passengers were reported safe after the landing in Frankfurt. 

With winds like that, this wasn't the only plane struggling on the runway over the last couple days. Cargospotter shared footage of a series of planes attempting to land in Düsseldorf during the storm.

Some manage to land, while others had to abort the landing attempt. Cargospotter explains the winds were changing from moment to moment. For example, the first plane failed to get on the runway, but the second, which was only about 10 minutes later, had considerably less trouble getting down. 

These pilots deserve a high five after getting everyone down safely in a frightening situation. 

[h/t Mashable, RT]

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