A Tourist Paid $210 to Throw Their Live Lobster Dinner Back Into the Ocean

The restaurant's owner called the "Free Willy" re-enactment a "kind act."

Sometimes, throwing money away can be the best part of vacation. Usually, that entails paying a little too much to see an attraction, or spending more than you should on a fancy dinner. For one Swiss tourist in Italy, it actually involved throwing that fancy dinner back into the ocean.

The Italian publication La Repubblica reported that a tourist visiting Gente di Mare in Golfo Aranci on the Italian island Sardinia purchased one of the restaurant’s live lobsters—which are typically then cooked for the guest, and instead of proceeding to have it cooked for her dinner, she tossed it back into the bay.

"The lady entered our restaurant and was immediately struck by the aquarium we have at the entrance," restaurant co-owner Antonio Fasolino told the publication. "She asked me if the lobster, which was in the water with plenty of space available, as happens in all fish restaurants that respect animals, could be released into the sea. And I replied: no problem for me! She then sat down at the table with her husband."

A video, reportedly captured by the woman's husband, shows her tossing the lobster back into the water. "She was absolutely thrilled and wanted to perform a kind act," Fasolino said. Surprisingly, this isn't the first time I've seen a woman throw a lobster back into the Mediterranean. Lindsay Lohan did that very thing on a 2019 episode of the MTV reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. Because…"of course Ariel is gonna come to Sebastian's rescue!"

Hey—it might not be what I would have done with $210 in Sardinia, but I'm sure the lobster was happy with the decision.

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