Don't Be the Tourist Trying to Ride a 1,400-Pound Crocodile

As a tourist, you are, in fact, a guest. This means you have a responsibility not to act like a fool, an oaf, or a jerk. It means you have a responsibility not to try to ride an alligator while vacationing in Austrailia. And yet. And yet. And yet. 

And yet there's this video, in which a man now reportedly known to his friends as the 'Danish Crocodile Dundee' mounts a 1,400-pound saltwater crocodile while vacationing Australia. The 22-year-old's name is Niels Jensen, and he's from Vinderslev, Viborg in Denmark. When the video of him sitting astride the 15-foot croc was shot, he was traveling through Australia's Northern Territory. 

It opens with him shaking a wallaby carcass at the crocodile to get its attention. Jensen, who by the way is a wildlife management graduate, then feeds the animal to it. Naturally, he posted the video to Instagram, and, just as naturally, Australian tourism officials were not amused. 

“The behavior shown in this video is dangerous and reckless," Tracey Duldig of the Department of Tourism and Culture said, according to Inside Edition, "and we do not support this type of interaction with crocodiles."

Jensen, however, told the Caters News Agency: “In my opinion, I am just doing what I like. But not many people understand why I’m doing it."

He's not wrong.

h/tDigg, Inside Edition

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