2 Tourists Went Skinny-Dipping in a Venice Canal. They Were Fined Over $6,600.

San Marco Saint Mark's Square Venice Italy.
Saint Mark's Square, Venice, Italy | Bill Perry/shutterstock
Saint Mark's Square, Venice, Italy | Bill Perry/shutterstock

If you keep a close eye on travel news, you'll know that some Italian cities are cracking down not just on over-tourism, but also visitors who violate unique local laws. Several stories of errant travelers have emerged in recent months, and the incident keep on comin'. On Monday, two Czech men visiting Italy were fined for engaging in what authorities described as "obscene behavior."

The behavior was skinny dipping and, although the act took place in a very public area, the amount they were charged was obscene. Each man had to pay around €3,000 (about $3,320) for letting it all hang out near the Piazza San Marco in Venice, according to a report by CNN.

They were in the canal buff getting jiggy with it when they were approached and reprimanded. The reason they were naked was apparently because it was a "particularly warm evening," exactly the kind of subpar justification you'd expect from people who skinny dip in a very public canal. 

Police said the men were "completely nude, intent on laughing and joking with each other, and trying to catch the attention of passersby.” They'd been visiting Italy for a soccer match between Slavia Prague and Inter Milan. The police originally approached because they thought something was wrong with the men. Concerned onlookers were pointing out the scene to police. The men had succeeded in their goal of being a spectacle, and were primed to receive their award/fine.

And receive it they did. When police realized what was going down, they had the men dress and come with them to the station. 

Like we said, Italy as a whole has been cracking down on tourists lately. They started charging people $450 for sitting on the Spanish Steps, a popular resting spot in Rome. Venice is taking similar measures, more heavily enforcing laws against bad behavior in the city. Venice’s mayor even signed an ordinance separating tourists from local residents. No chill.

But, rest assured bro, there are many nude beaches in Italy for you and your boy to prance around naked.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.