Mourn Toys 'R' Us by Watching Geoffrey the Giraffe Get KO'd With an Amazon Box

The world has changed in a lot scary ways in our lifetime, but perhaps no event is more emblematic of this than the death of Toys "R" Us.

Perhaps you still don't feel you have closure, and if that's the case, may we gently suggest watching the video above, in which Geoffrey the Giraffe, beloved toy store mascot, is brutalized with an Amazon package. Sure, it might be painful to witness, but consider this a chance to finally tear off the band-aid. 

If you're wondering what the hell you're watching (understandable), well this is Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling (FSCW), a synthesis of the joys of dress up and the joys of people pretending to beat each other up. 

Take heart knowing that before Geoffrey is bested, he gets a pretty gnarly clothesline and a chokeslam in, so he puts up a good fight. And considering that Toys "R" Us recently liquidated its inventory after filing for bankruptcy last year, that may be more than you can say for the actual store.  

Also, if this piques your interest, they probably sell that Geoffrey the Giraffe costume on Amazon

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