Toys 'R' Us Starts Its Huge Going-Out-of-Business Sale on Thursday

As you may have learned (and been devastated by) last week, Toys 'R' Us is shuttering for good in the US, and an empire of joy and small plastic parts has finally fallen. The superstores ultimately weren't able to compete with online retailers and discount chains, but despite filing for bankruptcy last year, the company had planned to keep roughly 700 stores open around the world. Then last week it was suddenly announced that the chain is filing for liquidation. 

The upside of all of this is that you get to pillage the stores: There will be huge price cuts on pretty much everything starting on March 22, according to USA Today, and likely lasting until June. If you have young kids, you could stock up on birthday presents for the next 10 years if you're careful about where you hide them. Granted, you'll probably be weeping inconsolably as you ransack your childhood, but that's business, baby. The sale is expected to last roughly 14 weeks, but stores will likely close faster as they run out of inventory.

So go shop, by all means. But know that you're only quickening the end.


Update 3/22/18: Shoppers arrived at Toys 'R' Us on Thursday and found signs posted in many locations explaining that the sale had to be postponed and that stores are "waiting for the final approval." It's expected that the liquidation sale will begin on Friday, but as of now that's not certain. We'll update as more information comes.

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