Trader Joe's Turkey Gingerbread Decorating Kits Are Perfect for Thanksgiving Superfans

Why wait till after Thanksgiving to lean in?

Trader Joe's Gingerbread Turkey Trot Cookie Decorating Kit
Image courtesy of Trader Joe's; Illustration by Maitane Romagosa

Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving are, yes, obnoxious, but Trader Joe's knows a loophole for anyone who literally can't wait until December to embrace the holiday spirit: They're turkey-shaped gingerbread cookies, they're strangely cute, and they're perfectly acceptable to start decorating now.

The Gingerbread Turkey Trot Cookie Decorating Kit has all the pieces to assemble four decorative (and edible) turkeys. The box comes with pre-baked gingerbread cookie pieces, icing, mini confetti sprinkles, and little bead candies.

In previous years, Trader Joe’s sold gingerbread kits that came with one large turkey-shaped cookie. This new kit is more friendly to groups, since it lets you design four smaller turkey-shaped gingerbread cookies.

Assembling each turkey isn't too complicated—each cookie is made of three separate parts—so you can jump into the decorating process pretty quickly. It's an activity, a decoration, and a dessert, and most importantly, nobody can accuse you of getting too big of a jumpstart on the holiday season.

Thanksgiving gingerbread: Get used to it.

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