This Is Trader Joe's Spectacular Holiday Grocery Lineup

Here are all the treats and tasty bites that are perfect for the holidays.

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is that all the food is themed—cookies shaped like little gingerbread people and trees, stars, and candy canes. Everything under the sun comes in a peppermint flavor. Extra sugar coats already sweet snacks to mimic the appearance of snow. It's excellent. And to no one's surprise, Trader Joe's took the opportunity to make festive snacks and took the endeavor an extra mile.

Here's what you can expect to find at Trader Joe's this holiday season, according to the grocery store itself. Keep an eye out for returning favorites and new options because this list has a bit of both.

Panoply of Organic Italian Pasta offers five individual bags of pasta that each contain a different "bronze-die extruded shape." Perfect for gifting to the pasta lover in your life.

Chocolate Peppermint Loaf & Baking Mix has cocoa, chocolate chips, and natural peppermint flavor. Delicious.

Dark Chocolate Covered Gingerbread Cookie Folk are like TJ's Chocolate Covered Lebkuchen in that they're gingerbread biscuits enrobed in Dark Chocolate, but without the nuts or fruit.

Courtesy of Trader Joe's

Decked Out Tree Cookies are tree-shaped biscuits topped with milk chocolate crème and dipped bottom-side down in a chocolatey coating.

Favorite Sweets Truffle Collection comes with an array of 12 chocolates filled with various cookie flavors and sprinkled with cookie bits.

Trader Joe's Jingle Jangle Pretzel Twists are, according to TJ's, "crunchy, oversized pretzels, bathed in a smooth peanut butter coating, then generously topped with crushed Joe-Joe's cookies and colorful mini chocolate gems."

Minty Cocoa Truffles contain 32 carefully constructed sweets in each package.

Candy Cane Joe-Joe's are made of ​​smooth vanilla-cream frosting studded with crunchy, crushed pieces of real candy cane and sandwiched between two crisp chocolate wafers.

Double Crème Brie with Truffles has been sold in TJ's since 2012, and in all that time, it has remained delicious.

Jingle Jangle is not the stuff from Riverdale. It's much better. The tin is filled with mini pretzels covered in milk and dark chocolate, with a white chocolate drizzle; dark chocolate-covered caramel popcorn; dark chocolate-covered broken Joe-Joe's cookies; red-candy-coated milk chocolate gems; and milk and dark chocolate mini peanut butter cups.

And if you're already drooling at this list, check out all 57 products that Trader Joe's is bringing to stores for the holiday season in the 2022 Holiday Fearless Flyer. Not sure where your nearest Trader Joe's is? You can find the nearest location by heading to Trader Joe's website.

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