Trader Joe's Finally Sells Impossible Burgers

It's impossible to avoid these burgers now.

Courtesy of Impossible Foods
Courtesy of Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods' meat is the new oat milk. First the brand confused our parents with its arrival at grocery stores, then it disrupted tradition with its entry into the diner system and on the menus of popular brands like Starbucks, and now it's coming to take a permanent seat in our very own home -- Trader Joe's.

Yes, Trader Joe's is a grocery store, but it is also our safe space. It is our thrifty kingdom. It sells cheap butternut squash Zig-Zags and Everything But The Bagel seasoning. Perhaps that's why it's gotten away with it's typical soy and veggie-based meatless options for so long.

But it was only a matter of time before these two companies gloriously collided. Impossible Foods president Dennis Woodside told Business Insider that the company was "particularly excited about the launch of Impossible at Trader Joe's" because it is a "beloved institution with die-hard fans and a company known particularly for its great meat, cheese, and wine selection."

Impossible Foods doesn't plan to stop at Joe's, though. In a press release sent out in mid-July, Woodside announced the company's mission to take over the world. 

“Impossible Foods’ goal is to transform the global food system," Woodside said. "To do that, Impossible Burger has to be available everywhere people buy beef from cows."

So, go ahead and add Impossible Burgers to your list of essential Trader Joe's items, and prepare for Impossible statues to be erected at the capitol soon.

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