Fully Vaccinated Trader Joe’s Shoppers May No Longer Need to Wear Masks

The grocery store chain updated its mask policy in response to the CDC’s new guidelines.

As more and more people get vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention has updated its COVID-19 safety guidelines, advising that those who are fully vaccinated can ditch their masks indoors and outdoors pending local guidelines. Many businesses are now reconsidering their masking rules, with Trader Joe’s being among the first. 

A spokesperson for TJ’s told USA Today that its stores will no longer require masks for vaccinated shoppers, unless face coverings are still required by the local or state government. The grocery store chain won’t ask for proof of vaccination, meaning employees and other shoppers will be relying on the honor system to keep everyone safe inside stores. Employees will continue to wear masks inside all Trader Joe’s locations, despite the CDC’s updated guidelines. 

Trader Joe’s isn’t the only grocery store ready to allow customers to shop without masks if they want to. Costco, Walmart, and other retailers are expected to follow suit. Per the CDC, these regulations will vary heavily depending on where you are as local guidelines overrule the health agency’s guidance. Certain places will continue to require masks while others won’t, so be sure to check the rules before you go into any establishment bare-faced.

After more than a year of wearing masks in public, many are understandably hesitant about going out without them. The CDC has been criticized for the sudden change in guidance as well as not requiring proof of vaccination. It’s important to remember that you can keep your mask on if it makes you feel safer.

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