It's Cheaper and Quicker to Take the Bus Than It Is to Fly to Get to These Cities

Is bus travel a travel hack? Sometimes it beats taking a flight.

Most people don't dream of taking the bus for their trips. Buses tend to get a bad reputation: It's often perceived as slower than flying, and not even much cheaper than taking a plane. But the bus fanatics over at Busbud want travelers to rethink their assumptions about buses, and they've released some new data showing why taking the bus doesn't have to be the least desirable option on your next vacation.

The Busbud data features comprehensive data analysis of popular US and Canada routes and highlighted 12 popular ones that are faster, cheaper, and more eco-friendly to travel by bus.

"Many travelers are likely unaware that taking the bus is often faster than taking a short-haul flight in addition to being cheaper," said Christine Petersen, CEO of Busbud, in a statement. "Beyond time and savings, bus travel also offers a way to reduce your carbon footprint while still satisfying your wanderlust."

Certain routes will actually save time when traveling by bus compared to plane. The following routes save more than an hour of time by bus compared to air travel, according to Busbud's analysis:

  • Seattle to Vancouver
  • Ottawa to Montreal
  • Calgary to Edmonton
  • Austin to Houston
  • LA to San Diego
  • Phoenix to Tucson
  • Asheville to Charlotte

Part of the time saving that comes with traveling by bus includes avoiding the nation's busiest airports, including Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Orlando. Not only can you save time, but you'll save a significant amount of money. You can up to 90% on some of the popular routes listed above, compared to booking flight tickets. All bus routes featured savings of at least 40% compared to flights.

And the finally added bonus? Traveling by bus is more environmentally friendly than taking a flight. Busbud ran the numbers past, and on all the highlighted routes above, traveling by bus reduces your carbon footprint by 80% in comparison to flights. You can learn more about the 12 routes where bus routes are faster and cheaper below, and read more details at Busbud.

A chart showing the 12 routes where bus routes are faster than flights.
Courtesy of Busbud

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