This Tour Company Is Giving Single Travelers Major Savings for Valentine's Day

For once, it will actually be cheaper to travel solo.

Normally, doing things alone has a pretty significant drawback: It costs more. Living, eating, traveling—just about anything solo costs more. And typically, that is something single people feel more on Valentine's Day. But this Valentine's Day, a global tour company is rewarding those who dare to do it alone.

Explore Worldwide is offering solo travelers free single room upgrades and half-price trip supplements on hundreds of trips throughout the year. Traditionally, getting a room to yourself would typically cost extra on these trips, so with this deal you won't have to pay more just for being solo. With discounts on supplements (extra experiences, meal upgrades, you know the fun stuff), you'll be saving money by not traveling with another person.

By booking between February 14 and 28, you can join the small group tours where you'll benefit from traveling with others and get to enjoy some quality time with yourself. 

You can check out all of the discounted tour options on the Explore Worldwide website. For avid solo travelers, Explore Worldwide suggests its Sri Lanka tour, and has hundreds of additional tours to choose from as well.

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