TriceraTACO Is the Absurd Dinnerware Your Life Is Missing

triceratops taco
KidFunWare | Thrillist

Dinosaurs are awesome. Birds know it. The guys who wrote Carnosaur know it. This kid knows it.

For instance, how much do you know about the amazing TriceraTACO? Probably not much. It's an often overlooked 'saur with three horns on its frill, much like its close relative the Triceratops. However, what distinguishes the TriceraTACO is the deep grooves running along its spine, perfect for carrying a pair of hard-shelled tacos. 

All evidence indicates KidsFunwares' TriceraTACO was quite friendly, more than willing to sit still for hours while a person consumed delicious tacos right off its back. (Though the company, who sells TriceraTACO on Amazon, says it's intended for kids, it's clearly not just for kidsHow many tacos would you eat off TriceraTACO? All of them is the correct answer, regardless of your age.)

Triceratops taco
KidFunWare | Thrillist

Just look at this image of TriceraTACO in its natural habitat, waiting to have its back loaded down with tacos.

While it's an amazing dinosaur, it's worth noting things were quite different in the age of the TriceraTACO. Sure, you might have taken your taco with Deinonychips, and you'd Diplodocus them in your Stegosalsa and Guaciosaurus. However, the tacos often contained a Dillophosaurus pickle spear on the side. It was also taboo to use a spinach Oviwraptor for your soft shell. Only Cornythosaurus tortillas were acceptable.

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