Watch This Truck Cross This Terrifying Siberian Bridge and Feel Extremely Anxious

No matter how much faith you put in your fellow human beings, crossing a bridge is an unsettling experience. Sure, we've been doing it for who knows how many thousands of years, but maybe we were meant to stay put? Who built that bridge anyway? Did they even pay attention in bridge-building class?

It's especially understandable to feel that way when it's a bridge like the one above: a 1,640-foot marvel of rickety terror. This bridge spans the Bitim River in Siberia. It was originally built for trains to cross, but as you can see, they built a much less profoundly horrifying bridge next to it. The old bridge remains though, and it's part of the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) road. Thrillseekers/insane people like Martin Remiš, who posted this video, drive across it for fun.

The first half of the video sets the scene with stunning views, and then it gets to what you came for: a Ford Bronco inching along a bridge that looks like it could collapse at any moment. We promise nothing bad will happen, but it's guaranteed to get under your skin anyway.


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