Watch This Truck Driver Accidentally Demolish an Intersection With a Crane

What is "to blow it"?

Put simply, it's when you have one job, and you not only manage not to do that job, but you somehow accomplish its opposite. If that's too vague, the video above will clarify. 

In it, a driver in a crane-wielding truck drives with the crane raised. He proceeds to absolutely demolish an intersection. Presumably, the driver's job was to use the crane to further the public good. Instead, he used the crane to take out telephone wires and a stoplight, both of which are integral to the public good. Therefore, he blew it. 

This entirely avoidable disaster took place in Wilmington, North Carolina, at what WITN reports is one of the city's busiest intersections. We have this video because another driver spotted the lifted crane and was quick-thinking enough to start filming -- an example of not at all blowing it. And now all of society will benefit.

Apparently, almost a dozen crews were called in to make repairs that took almost 12 hours, and the driver was charged with "failure to secure a load."

But in our hearts, we all know what he was really charged with.

h/tDigg, WITN

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