Tanker Truck Accident Unleashes 'River of Chocolate' on Busy Highway

While much of the country is bracing for snowy commutes, drivers in Arizona are dealing with road conditions only a sugar-crazed kid could dream up. A “river of chocolate” spilled out over several lanes of traffic on a portion of Interstate 40 on Monday after a tanker truck was involved in an accident.

The vehicle was transporting close to 3,500 gallons (equivalent to about 40,000 pounds) of melty chocolate when it crashed and rolled over, spilling it’s delicious cargo out onto the pavement, according to a tweet from the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The accident occurred on the westbound side of a major highway near Flagstaff.

“This will be a sweet cleanup!” the agency said, sharing photos from the spill.

The accident occurred just before 9am -- not the best time for a river of chocolate to gush all over the road -- according to a local news outlet. Officials could not officially determine the initial cause of the accident, as it does not appear another vehicle was involved.

Photos showed cleanup crew members redirecting the liquid chocolate to the side of the road with massive hoses. Somehow, they managed to clear the roadway of the tasty tributary and the road reopened at about 1pm.

A river of chocolate may sound like you wildest dreams come true, but for these Arizona commuters it was anything but. Unfortunately, this massive waste of chocolate is morecommon than you may think.

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