Truly Just Made 4 Boozy Ice Cream Flavors Infused With Hard Seltzer

The Tipsy Scoop collection is inspired by Truly Hard Lemonade.

Courtesy of Truly Hard Seltzer

There's no right way to do happy hour. You can drink, not drink, or my personal pick, get buzzed off a pint of boozy ice cream. You may have heard of the concept -- Jeni's Splendid, Salt & Straw, and Häagen-Dazs have all introduced ABV-filled flavors. And now, Truly has teamed up with Tipsy Scoop to create its own frozen treat infused with actual hard seltzer.

Earlier this year, the company shook things up with an innovation beyond that classic boozy bubbly: hard lemonade. It became an instant fave among anyone with taste buds, so much so that Truly decided to turn the product into an alcoholic ice cream, too. You can now get your hands on the brand's four spiked lemonade flavors -- original, black cherry, mango, and strawberry -- in frozen form. The latter two come in a sorbet while the original and black cherry are available as ice cream.

"Summer of Seltzer 2.0 is officially kicking off with the launch of Truly Hard Seltzer ice cream + sorbet," the product description reads. "First-of-its-kind, the hard seltzer-infused summer treat is available in the Truly Lemonade Variety Ice Cream + Sorbet Pack -- combining the sweetness of real lemonade, the refreshment of Truly Hard Seltzer’s newest variety pack Lemonade, and the cool crisp bite of Tipsy Scoop’s handcrafted ice cream and sorbet." 

Courtesy of Truly

Tipsy Scoop has two purchase options: a package including one pint of each ice cream and sorbet flavor for $48 and a separate package that includes every pint flavor and the actual hard lemonade cans to go with it for $60.

You can order the bundles for pickup, delivery, and nationwide shipping via the boozy ice cream supplier's official site or via Goldbelly. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.