Watch the GOP Candidates Reveal Their Biggest Weaknesses

Published On 10/29/2015 Published On 10/29/2015

Admitting weakness is a sign of strength. Or at least self-awareness. So in an effort to stage a mock job interview, and test that awareness, last night's CNBC debate moderators asked the GOP candidates, "What's your biggest weakness?" Only, one weakness per candidate, slow down, boys!
Some candidates couldn’t think of anything -- we’re looking at you, Huckabee -- while others pushed aside the question with a joke. That's what potential employers want, right?
Carly Fiorina admitted she may need to smile more, and then produced the most bone-chilling smile since Heath Ledger’s Joker. Donald Trump said he’s too trusting. Is that some kind of pun off of "trust fund?" No? Meanwhile, Ben Carson’s biggest flaw was that he doesn't see himself in the position of president. That’s encouraging.
Watch the video below to see the answers for yourself, and decide who gets the job and, to quote OG Trump “who's fired."


Six out of 10 candidates couldn't answer: "What's your biggest weakness?" #GOPdebate

Posted by Vox on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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