Traveling with Presents? Here's What the TSA Wants You to Know

Maybe don't wrap those holiday gifts just yet.

If you're planning on packing presents under the tree after flying to your holiday destination this year, you might want to wait to wrap them with care. The TSA is reminding passengers to pack smart with some tips on how to make traveling through security smooth and easier for everyone. And one of those suggestions? Don't wrap those presents!

The TSA highlights that any gifts travelers are taking through an airport security checkpoint (or in a checked bag) must be able to be unwrapped and inspected. The agency suggests that those who are traveling with gifts utilize gift bags that can be easily opened, or gift boxes with lids that can be removed as well. Stock up on tissue paper and gift wraps and skip the elaborate wrapping paper if you're up in the air this holiday season.

Bringing home that festive snow globe you found on vacation to your favorite great aunt? The TSA gives a special callout to these beloved collectibles, which are popular this time of year, reminding folks to include the liquid-filled gift in their checked bag. Passengers can't bring any liquids that are more than 3.4 ounces through security checkpoints, so, in the words of the TSA, "if you can spill it, spray it, spread it, pump it or pour it," put it in your checked bag.

While that bottle of eggnog won't make the cut to bring inside a plane cabin, everyone's favorite fruitcake can fly. Solid foods like cake or baked goods are allowed through TSA checkpoints, but keep them unwrapped in case they are subject to additional security screening.

No matter what items you are flying with, allow enough time since the TSA has warned travelers that 2023 is on course to be the busiest holiday travel season ever recorded. In November, the TSA screened nearly 30 million passengers during the 12-day Thanksgiving holiday period. The record was also broken for the most passengers screened in a single day on November 26, when more than 2.9 million travelers passed through security checkpoints nationwide.

You can head over here to find more TSA tips on how to make your travel experience smoother this year. Also check out some year-round tips from the TSA to help get through security quickly whenever you fly.

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