A Record Number of People Are Now Signed Up for TSA PreCheck

TSA just announced it has surpassed its record number of active members.

Many US travelers agree that passing through airport security without taking off their shoes, belt, and light jacket can make your travel experience much smoother. If you're wondering exactly how many travelers believe that, the answer is "a record number."

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently announced that its TSA PreCheck application program surpassed 15 million active members, which is the newest record for the program since its inception in 2013. Currently, there are 32 million travelers who benefit from the TSA PreCheck expedited screening.

Another record was set just a few weeks ago, too. According to the TSA, February 21, 2023 was the single day in TSA PreCheck history with the highest number of TSA PreCheck membership applications. On that day alone, more than 19,200 travelers submitted their membership request.

"TSA PreCheck is one of the most innovative, efficient and effective risk-based security solutions in the agency's 21-year history," TSA Administrator David Pekoske said in a statement. "Today, TSA PreCheck represents a best-in-class model of a successful trusted traveler system, providing the shared benefits of shorter wait times of under 10 minutes, greater checkpoint efficiency and improved security. We are proud of this program and appreciate that so many passengers recognize its value to them personally and to the transportation system."

Among the many contributing factors, including travel rates bouncing back after the peak of the pandemic, surely are the TSA's newest beneficial changes to its application process. With the recent addition of the Portland International Airport (PDX), TSA now flaunts five US hubs offering walkup TSA PreCheck registration, which allows travelers to enroll in the program in minutes without needing to make an appointment. The agency is offering this service as a no-application pop-up at other locations, too, such as the North Central West Virginia Airport next week, and Staples stores have also offered PreCheck registration at their locations over the past few years.

Otherwise, you can always enroll online, and you can do so by visiting this link.

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