You Can Get Paid $10,000 to Work in Oklahoma for a Year

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If you had to pick up and move to another city today, moving to Oklahoma might not be at the top of your list. After all, it ranks 32nd on this absolutely definitive, scientific* ranking of every state. Well, Tulsa wants to give you a reason to reconsider. For the second year, it's running a program aimed at convincing remote workers that there's good reason to spend a year in the city. (Just like last year, the reason is money.)

The Tulsa Remote program has returned, offering $10,000 to remote workers who spend a full year working their remote job in Tulsa. The program received more than 10,000 applications in its inaugural year. Because of that, the program is expanding, tripling its size with plans to welcome between 250 and 300 new people to Oklahoma.

Those accepted into the program will receive $10,000 distributed over the course of a year and space in a coworking community. The program also hosts events to help the grantees get to know the community. Though, to be eligible, you'll need to be a remote worker or entrepreneur working for a company outside of Oklahoma and be willing to relocate to Tulsa for a minimum of one year.

"Our mission has always been to attract talented and diverse individuals from across the country to Tulsa and get them connected to the incredible existing community,​" Tulsa Remote executive director Aaron Bolzle said in a statement "The participants from this year have blown away our expectations and we're extremely excited to bring in another group of passionate people to Tulsa in our next year of the program."

The program, funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, gives you a good chunk of change to keep doing what you're doing. And $10,000 can go quite a long way in Tulsa, where the average rent on a two-bedroom apartment is $658, according to the personal finance site Nerd Wallet. If you're a remote worker, getting a $10,000 raise from outside of your employer isn't such a bad deal.

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.