This Hack Turns a Garden Pot Into a Grill, and Makes You a Champion

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Ever wish you had an easy-to-assemble, portable grill? Ever want to grill out and then realized you didn't have a grill (why don't you have a grill)? Ever want to be the Greatest of All-Time? There's hope. Household Hacker has an ingenious solution to turn a common household clay pot into the best impromptu grill your guests will have ever seen.

There are just six steps between glumly staring at your kitchen stove and having a belly full of grilled corn.

1. Get a pot.
2. Find something to grill on. In the video, they're using thin metal grating.
3. Line the bottom of the pot in aluminum foil.
4. Fill the pot with charcoal.
5. Grill.
6. Fill your belly with food. (And don't touch the sides of the pot for like two weeks. That's going to be hot as hell.)

This hack will have you straight up joining Qin Shi Huang's Terracotta Army, but remember: Today, you're MacGyver when friends come over and decide on an impromptu cook out. Next week, you're that weird guy they call "an acquaintance" who cooks his food in a garden pot.

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. He plans on remedying his lack of grill with a grill. Follow him @dlukenelson.