These Live TV News Halloween Pranks Are Hilarious and Mean

Published On 10/30/2016 Published On 10/30/2016

When the local news screws up, everyone laughs because live TV is hard and these kind of things are bound to happen. But a new mash-up of Halloween bloopers from local news has a distinctly different feel.

Most of the mishaps are inflicted by co-workers who are looking to have a laugh at the expense of on-air talent. Everyone likes to play some jokes on co-workers, but doing it on live TV is definitely upping the ante. It appears to be a tradition so ingrained at some networks that you can tell the specter of getting pranked wears on some of the talent. For instance, the broadcaster at the 10:36 mark who can't stop looking over her shoulder because she's clearly been pranked on past Halloween broadcasts. This Halloween was not an exception.

However, with all due respect to the man on the street who nonchalantly drops a Ghostbusters joke, the best part here might be that two separate broadcasts sent a reporter into a haunted house to report while walking through. Those broadcasters must have done something wrong because the assignment is a cruel and unusual punishment. Catch the most entertaining of those two segments at the 12:35 mark.

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