People Are Sharing Their Best Moving Tips and We're Really Impressed

Moving was a lot easier when you had one plastic bin and a bean bag chair to your name, but we're real adults now. That means we own a couch, or at least one button-up shirt we'd prefer not to have to hang again. Well, it turns out there are ways to make moving slightly less soul-destroying than our experiences of yore, as we've just learned thanks to an enthusiastic Twitter thread sparked by a Miss "Shameless Maya." 

"Shameless Maya," or @mayasworld, shamelessly asked the internet for help with her impending move. 

"I'm using stackable and reusable bins, but anything else eco-friendly is appreciated!" And the internet responded to her novice plea with a slew of positively genius moving tips, laden with photographs and cries of "life-saving!"

Among these posts are motivational strategies, protection methods for your delicates, and IKEA reassembly tips. It's also just a bit cathartic, like the apartment-move support group you felt you needed last time but were too prideful to seek out: 

Point is, moving day is going to be a bit hellish no matter how many anti-scratch cups you put under your couch. But now you know a few more ways to mitigate the misery. 

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Ruby Anderson is a news writer for Thrillist.