Man Surprised to Find His 1-Bedroom Hotel Suite Fits 9 Guests

Adults don't have proper rules for meetings. Like, can we leave to go pee if the meeting is only 30 minutes? If one person yawns, can an empathy yawner catch flies guilt-free? And most importantly, if there's a bed in the boardroom, who among attendees has a right to sit on it?

Ask anyone who's ever booked a hotel "boardroom suite" on purpose, but don't ask Twitter user Eoin Carrigan, who was placed in the boardroom suite by chance last week after his flight out of Chicago was canceled. He'd gone to a nearby Comfort Inn for some rest and, according to his post on Twitter, thought the room he was assigned had a "weird name."

The suite ended up containing a long meeting room table and nine swivel chairs.

When your flight is canceled, you're happy just to drop your bag at the door, drag your feet across the grey-green hospitality carpet, and reflect on your misfortunes atop a bedsheet-asphyxiated mattress. But his queen-sized bed was an afterthought in the design, meaning he had to move around an oblong, characteristically corporate table to get to sleep in the back corner of the room.

And apparently he isn't the only one who has happened upon a strange setup: 

At least bathroom breaks seem a bit more appropriate at meetings with an en suite. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.