The Internet Loves the Improved Peach 'Butt' Emoji, and These Tweets to Prove It


Apple killed off its much-cherished peach emoji, replacing it with an innocuous fruit that unfortunately bore no resemblance to a butt. This made people sad, because people need fodder for sexting.

But Apple heeded those calls, because as of yesterday, the world’s favorite butt-moji is back, and the (m)asses are pleased.

Apple originally redesigned all the fruit emojis in its first beta test for iOS 10.2, but nothing caused a furor like the redesigned peach, which compelled hyper-tweeters everywhere to smash the crying-face emoji and express their collective anguish. The move even prompted one tech writer to pen a tearful eulogy for the departed ass-fruit.

Part of the reason why butt-lovers are expressing so much butt-love at the present moment doesn’t just pertain to the peach’s reemergence, but its new design. The newest peach emoji is part of Apple’s iOS 10.3 beta, and it’s a celebration of voluptuous booty on a whole new level:

Congratulations internet for this triumph of democracy. 

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