There's Now a Way to Silence the Twitter Eggs, Guaranteed

Published On 03/01/2017 Published On 03/01/2017
block twitter eggs

Twitter has been under fire for taking half measures in their efforts to prevent abuse. During a politically charged time, it's been easy to spot the kind of behavior people are complaining about, but it's not new. However, they have been taking action slowly but surely in recent months. On Wednesday, Twitter announced a series of measures to further combat abuse on the social media platform. 

"We’re working to identify accounts as they’re engaging in abusive behavior, even if this behavior hasn’t been reported to us," they said in an update. That means looking out for actions like repeatedly sending unsolicited tweets at non-followers. Users found to violate site guidelines will have account functionality limited. For instance, Twitter may make it so only followers can see posts for "a set amount of time."


Additionally, one much hoped for change is about to arrive. You can change your notification settings to filter out anyone who has the default egg image as their profile photo. Yes, you can finally silence Twitter eggs. Users can also filter anyone who hasn't verified their email address or phone number.

Though these settings won't stop Twitter eggs from writing a memoir or yelling at the TV loud enough you can hear them next door.


The changes come on the heels of updates in late 2016 that allowed users to filter out specific words or phrases from notifications. Those are being expanded with a new feature to mute those same keywords and phrases from the home timeline.

This is all good news for anyone who enjoys conversing on the platform but finds contributions from @twitbro to be not so helpful.

h/t Recode

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