People Sharing Their Biggest Work Screw-Ups Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Here's an unfortunate fact about having a job: You're going to screw up. You're going to look like a real doofus. You might even cost your company a bunch of money. The only question is how many people will be there to witness it.

But however bad your experiences have been, we promise you've never made an error like the ones on this Twitter thread. It all started with a tweet by @b3ta asking everyone to share the worst mistakes they've made at work. And the internet delivered. Milkshake machines were misused, way too many chilis were added, and viruses were sent to entire companies.

All of this must have been mortifying at the time, but it's incredible reading about it, so buckle up and prepare to experience second-hand embarrassment at almost lethal levels.

The importance of proper ingredients

The internet was more fragile back in the day

Watch out for ladders


Always check who you're addressing your email to

Never anger the crossword community

Always delete your parodies

The importance of portions

Just don't make jokes

Try not to start fires

The comments sections matter

Don't send your company viruses 

Don't put mayonnaise in milkshakes 

Listen closely

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