Two Idiots Climb the Eiffel Tower and Oh My God It's So High Up

It's easily the most iconic structure in Paris. So, why not climb the Eiffel Tower without a harness? Well, there are a load of reasons, starting with that the best case scenario is that you'll get arrested. Besides that and falling there are only about 49 other reasons not to do this (you definitely shouldn't do this). But that didn't stop two Russian free climbers — who do this kind of thing allthetime — from scaling the Eiffel Tower.

The climbers paid admission and then hid out inside the tower until 5:20am the next morning, when security and tourist traffic are at a minimum. Then they took to the outside of the structure and began to climb with what appears to be Go Pros and someone manning a drone to capture the awe-inspiring footage.

A photo posted by Ivan Beerkus (@beerkus) on

While the climb is no doubt real, and their past exploits show that they're capable of this kind of thing, it's not clear that they made it to the top. At one point there are security people in orange vests who have spotted them and there's no footage of them at the top. 

Nonetheless, that's pretty damn high up. And, oddly, it seems that the person who had the hardest time with the climb was the drone operator. According to the video's description, he crashed the drone and was fined for flying it. Though, in light of recent events in Paris, they're probably lucky that was the worst that happened.

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