Two Roads Brewing Company Adds Canned Vodka Cocktails to its Lineup

It comes in four fruit flavors.

Daybreaker vodka cocktail cans in Meyer lemonade, blood orange, and cran-lime varieties.
PRNewsfoto/Two Roads Brewing Co.

Two Roads Brewing Company is best known as a beer maker, but that shouldn’t stop anybody from experimenting with spirits on the side, too. Its new ready-to-drink vodka cocktail line eschews the hops and barley in favor of sparkling water, fruit juice, and of course, vodka. 

"When we set out to develop the Daybreaker line of vodka cocktails we had the ambitious goal of replicating the character of a freshly mixed cocktail, in a can,” master brewer and co-founder, Phil Markowski said in a statement. “We wanted our products to taste like they were just handed to you by a professional bartender. By sourcing the very best juices and utilizing our proprietary production methods we have absolutely achieved that goal—a freshly made cocktail taste in a convenient, go-anywhere, 12-oz can."

Daybreaker vodka cocktails come in Meyer lemonade, blood orange, and cran-lime varieties. Its flavors are derived from real fruit, according to the statement. Twelve-ounce cans have a 7% alcohol by volume (similar products, like most hard seltzers typically have a 5% ABV). Look out for four-packs to hit shelves this month. 

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