Soon You'll Be Able to Use Uber to Book Private Chartered Boats in Mykonos

The new offering from the ride-sharing app is called Uber Boat.

Opa! Get ready to set sail in Greece by using your Uber app!

No, we are not kidding. This summer, Uber is taking it to Mykonos, Greece, and it will allow users to grab themselves a boat in the same way they order themselves a car—by firing up the Uber app and requesting a ride.

The news was announced during Uber's third annual Go-GET product event on Wednesday, and while this isn't the first time the company has offered boat service, it is unique in its own way. As a spokesperson told Thrillist in an email, Uber has offered boat products before, including Uber Boat in London, but this time the difference is that the service is a private charter for you and all your guests.

Each boat fits up to eight people, and you can have it all for you and your friends to hop around popular destinations around Mykonos. As TechCrunch reports, the boats will be able to transport passengers to select spots around the island, and the price will be based on the number of stops on a specific trip, among other factors.

Image courtesy of Uber

When Uber Boat was launched in London in 2020, the initiative was aimed at helping out commuters by providing them with another way to get around thanks to a partnership between Thames Clippers (London's commuter ferry service) and Uber. In Mykonos, instead, Uber Boat will not be owned by external companies, and it will offer private service.

Greece's beloved party destination of Mykonos will be the first one to be blessed with the new private charter Uber boats, but there is the possibility that more destinations will offer the service in the future.

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