You Can Now Rent Cars Through Uber & It'll Drop the Car at Your Doorstep

Uber is making renting cars easier. (At least, for you. It's probably more complicated for the actual rental companies.)

Uber rentals
Shutterstock/Tanasan Sungkaew
Shutterstock/Tanasan Sungkaew

Have you ever gotten out of an Uber and wished you could take the car for a spin by yourself? No? Well, you can now anyhow. More or less. I mean, you can rent a car from Uber. You can't just take someone's car who gave you a ride home from a restaurant. That's their car. 

Uber has launched a new tool that allows you to rent cars right from its app. It has partnered with car rental services like Avis and Hertz, allowing you to plan an entirely different kind of trip through the app. You can set yourself up with a car when you land in a new city on vacation or just plan out a road trip from home.  

Moreover, it's borrowing a theme from the Enterprise tag line, except instead of picking you up, they'll drop off the car for you. Uber is calling it Valet service, and you can have that rental car delivered to the curb in front of your house. They'll also pick it up when you're done. No more going to a barren lot three miles from the airport in a rickety shuttle van. 

The new rental service is part of a pile of new features Uber announced on April 30, including an "order in advance" option that lets you pre-order from merchants when they're closed so that you're at the front of the line when they open the next day. Another of the announcements is the launch of multi-ordering, which is starting in more than 20 cities this spring. You'll be able to add items from a second store when placing an order for no additional delivery fee. They give the example of placing an order for a roll of paper towels from a convenience store because you just ordered wings from somewhere else. 

As more and more people inch back toward travel and explore some socially distant travel options, making car rentals easier makes a lot of sense. 

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