Uber Eats Just Made it Easy to Send Food to Your Friends & Family

The new delivery feature will send a tracker link to its recipient.

Courtesy of Uber Eats
Courtesy of Uber Eats

The key to my heart is absolutely through my stomach. I'm putty in your hands the second you start feeding me sushi, pizza, anything really -- and I'm not alone in this, either. We're all just looking for a show of love... by way of snacks. Uber Eats gets that and wants to help you gift that gratitude your friends and family's way. 

The food delivery app just introduced a new feature that makes sending treats as easy as pie. The "Share this Delivery" rollout allows users to order anything from the app and send a tracker link to the recipient. The recipient doesn't even need the Uber Eats app to use it, they can just follow along via text for updates on the delivery's progress. 

The new sharing option, which will be available on the app globally, doesn't restrict you from sharing beyond your city limits, either. The process is simple. Click the "Share this Delivery" button located in the top corner of the app and it'll give you that tracking link.Then just go about your business -- ordering food or drink to a specific address. Uber Eats will take care of the rest.

"Uber Eats is making the process of sending and receiving a special delivery possible anywhere we’re available. You can spread the love across state lines -- even oceans -- with the tap of a button," the company said in a statement on Wednesday. 

To celebrate the new feature, Uber Eats is always partnering with Starbucks to encourage users to #SendACup to the special someones in their life. 

"Our new socially distant reality has transformed how people connect with those they care about, leaving many looking for ways to feel closer to friends and loved ones," the statement reads. "And if there’s one thing we know to be true, food has a way of doing exactly that." 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.