"UFO" Above California Is Actually a Navy Missile, Still Kind of Scary

Published On 11/08/2015 Published On 11/08/2015
Screenshot via Youtube/Enrique Leon

Late Saturday evening, law enforcement agencies in SoCal were flooded with calls about a mysterious light, illuminating the coastal sky. The reports were varied, some crying "UFO's," others sure it was a sudden meteor shower, and people were even convinced it was signs of a nuclear attack, according to the San Diego Tribune.

The only thing with more activity than the switchboards at local Police stations, were the truthers on social media. Wake up sheeple!

As it turns out, the admittedly bizarre light was not in fact a UFO (you probably would have heard if we made contact with extraterrestrial life last night), but a Trident II D5 ballistic missile on a scheduled test flight from the submarine Kentucky, based off the coast of Southern California, according to a Navy spokesperson, as reported by the aforementioned San Diego Tribune report,

Normally, it would be fair game to claim that people in Southern California (and parts of Arizona/Nevada, as the missile was seen there, as well) are freaking out over nothing -- but anyone in their right mind would be correct to question the mysterious flood-light floating in the sky.

Maybe next time the Navy decides to test a (supposedly and hopefully unarmed) projectile over one of the most densely populated areas in our country (especially one with such a high concentration of Baldwins/Kardashians) they can at least send a fax around, or something.

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Thrillist. He always assumes every light is a nuclear blast, too. Follow him @wilfulton

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