You Can Literally Drink the 'Aliens Are Real' Kool-Aid With New Area 51 Kool-Aid

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Courtesy of Kool-Aid

Have you ever had a thirst for something when you're up at 3am watching UFO conspiracy videos, but you don't exactly know what it is you need? Is it clarity? Is it answers? Or could it perhaps be... Intergalactic Green Kool-Aid?

Well, if for some reason it's the latter, you're in luck. Kool-Aid is launching an alien-themed drink for all those parched by the lack of truth out there. The company is giving out the the neon green powder canisters are being given away on September 19 to celebrate the launch of this extraterrestrial beverage; all Area 51 truthers have to do is head to Twitter and use #UFOYeah and #promo for a chance to win a special package of the sugary beverage.

The launch follows a summer of increasingly erratic alien conspiracies, including a Facebook event created to "storm Area 51" that resulted in memes and spin-off alien products, like this Kool-Aid.

Though the event began as a joke, the US Air Force took the calls to action seriously, and reminded everyone that it's dangerous to attempt to gain access to the military testing site shrouded in mystery. What a bunch of killjoys. 

"Kool-Aid Man knew fans would be looking for ways to celebrate the crash of Area 51 -- even though the event may be canceled, so he repackaged the flavor in a limited-edition Area 51-inspired canister," a spokesperson for Kool-Aid told Thrillist. And if it makes you feel better, Intergalactic Green allegedly tastes like sour green apple, which sounds mouth-puckering and delicious. 

This type of deal really makes us want to run head first through a brick wall and scream "Oh yeah!" but we'll settle for streaming more alien documentaries

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