Heroic Man Gets Hit by Bus, Immediately Walks Into Nearby Bar

After getting struck by a massive bus, the last thing you’d probably feel like doing is walking into a bar for a casual afternoon of beers. Unless you’re this insanely resilient (and presumably thirsty) gentleman from Reading, UK, who got flattened by a city bus and appeared to do exactly that.

CCTV footage shows him casually walking across the street before getting hit by a bus that’s rounding a corner at a dangerous pace. After the bus careens into him -- launching him several yards forward and decimating a neighboring building’s facade -- the dude dusts himself off and walks into the nearest pub, as if getting rammed by a huge vehicle never impedes one’s taste for pints.

British tabloid The Sun claims the man -- named Simon Smith -- was thrown 45 feet during the accident. Contrary to rumors flying around the internet, though, Smith didn’t enter the pub to immediately start drinking. He tells the paper he needed “a place of refuge” after the ordeal and the pub was the nearest and most accessible establishment to seek help.

Authorities in Reading are investigating the incident, having said in a statement: “The incident is the subject of an ongoing internal investigation as well as an investigation by the police with whom we are working and sharing footage from our on-board CCTV.”

Smith did get the chance to swill a pint after being treated at a hospital following the incident, which I’m hoping he got to drink for free, because he’s one tough bastard.  

[h/t The Sun]

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