Professor Burns Entire Class by Broadcasting Their In-Class Browsing Habits

For every one student in a large college lecture course that actually takes notes with their open laptops, there are 10 using it to catch up on the latest Real Housewives recap or finish homework from some other class. Most professors aren't too deluded to believe otherwise, but some address the issue in more creative ways than others. Case in point: this University of Michigan instructor who shamed their entire class by projecting a Powerpoint slide with a list of all the wildly inappropriate stuff students were caught doing on their computers during class. 

This clever method of shading insubordinate students was captured by an undergraduate senior in the class EARTH 222/ENVIRON 232. Simply titled "Things I Noticed EARTH 222/ENVIRON 232 Students Doing During Class," the slide features a master list of shit you probably shouldn't be caught doing or looking up in class, let alone public, and ranges from the fairly innocuous (watching cat videos and browsing Facebook), to the more absurd and downright wrong, like "buying $240 worth of turtle necks" and looking up porn.

Hopefully whoever teaches this class gets some humor points on


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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.