You Can Now Buy Other People's Unclaimed Baggage Online

Unclaimed Baggage, a retailer in Alabama, just launched a digital store.

 I Wei Huang/shutterstock
I Wei Huang/shutterstock
I Wei Huang/shutterstock

FYI, your unclaimed luggage isn't waiting for you anymore. It's being carried by and worn on the backs of the smartest, savviest thrifters in America. And now these thrifters are buying your belongings online, via a digital store

You see, when your baggage goes unclaimed, it's shipped to the Unclaimed Baggage Center (UBC) in Scottsboro, Alabama, where they toss your smuggled meats wrapped in an Italia t-shirt and put your clothing and suitcase up for sale. But the 50,000sqft store just launched an online store that presents our greatest losses in grid format, in celebration of its half-a-century venture. 

“Our customers have long requested an online version of our in-store shopping experience,” said Unclaimed Baggage CEO Bryan Owens, in a statement. “We’re glad that as part of our 50th anniversary, shoppers are now able to experience the thrill of the hunt online.”

The best part about this shop is that it trades in travelers' best wares, unlike some thrift stores selling hidden gems among lightly stained tops with over-stretched collars. The baggage store features "night out," "business dinner," and "lounge by the pool" looks, at 20-80% off retail. The items are separated by gender and type of item, just like most online clothing stores, and you can also browse by “Weird and Wonderful Finds,” “Luxe Finds,” and “New Arrivals.”

After a quick scan, I found a $200 sweater I'd drooled over at Club Monaco, going for only $80, but I'd say the greatest finds on the website are the watches. A $450 Esquire watch is selling for half the price, for example, meaning I'll soon be placing a first-class hand wrist on my economy armrest. 

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