This New Underwater Winery Lets You Dive For Your Drinks


Croatia won't stop giving you reasonsto visit. Gorgeous coasts, Instagram-worthy views, Game of Thrones connections, enticing dining... we get it, Croatia. You're coming on a little strong.

Now, you can add this to the list: There's an underwater winery. Nestled in the Pelješac peninsula, Edivo Vina ages its wines in the Adriatic Sea, and you can dive with the winery's staff to retrieve the bottle you're going to put down with dinner.

The winemaking process starts above ground, but after three months of aging, the wine is placed in clay jugs called amphorae and then into the sea it goes. The amphorae are placed in cages, locked up, and weighed down with rocks to age. It will chill underwater for one to two years before visitors dive for their wine. 

This method leaves the wine more prone to leaks, but Adivo Vina takes steps to prevent that. In addition to a cork and the clay jug, the bottles have two layers or rubber to keep the good stuff inside.

The process does more than just make the winery super alluring. The sea provides favorable conditions for aging the wine, with steady temperatures. The process also gives the wine what is described as a pine wood aroma.

If you never managed to get swimming lessons at the Y as a kid, no worries. You aren't required to dive for the wine. You can still saunter up to the winery and buy their marine wine like an average landlubber.

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