Unearthed Coffin Causes Nightmare on an Actual Elm Street

Published On 10/25/2015 Published On 10/25/2015

A Texas woman got quite the scare shortly after buying a new home -- on Elm Street. An actual Elm Street in Mission, Texas, that is.

Deedee Oliveira said workers were in the middle of renovating her new backyard last Tuesday, when they encountered a mysterious box buried in the ground. However, upon further inspection, they realized it wasn't just a box, but an old and rusted coffin about four feet long, according to a report by local news station KGBT. Inside was Freddy Krueger, who proceeded to murder everyone in their sleep, like in that movie. Not really, but the scary circumstances of the discovery were not lost on Oliveira.

"It's just a crazy story because it's almost Halloween," she said, per the report.

While there wasn't a monstrous serial killer inside, what they actually found is still pretty creepy. Workers raised the coffin from out of the ground, and police detectives called to the scene found bones and pink stuffed bears inside. Oliveira was relieved to learn, though, that the bones didn't belong to a person, but to a dog the previous owners of the home had apparently buried after it died. They also discovered cat bones inside of a tool box buried nearby. Neighbors said the pets had been buried for as long as 30 years, according to the report. 

"Thank God it was a dog and not human remains, if not I think I would've gone crazy," Oliveira said.

Maybe the incident wasn't so much a Nightmare on Elm Street as it was a Pet Semetary. And at this point, who knows what she'll find in the house.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and doesn't believe in ghosts and monsters and stuff like that, but this is pretty freaky. He also has a big nose. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.



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