This Unicyclist Is Dumb as Hell and Has the Video to Prove It

Yes, you have seen people free climb in places they shouldn't be to simply stupid heights. But some acts of that nature defy explanation. For instance, the thrill-seeking unicycle antics of Flaviu Cernescu, a Romanian daredevil who is hell-bent on stunts that will make you lose your lunch just by watching him.

Cernescu scales an 840-foot chimney at CET Târgu Jiu, Romania to perform some stunts at the top where loose bricks and an eroding edge make it even more dangerous than it would be under perfect conditions. They don't just jump around and dangle off the edge, though. Cernescu rides a unicycle around the rim and walks around juggling oranges.

At one point, he dangles by one hand from a steel beam at the center of the chimney as pieces of wood become dislodged, falling for 10 seconds before the thud into the chimney's dark abyss.

Even more terrifying might be the climb down. Cernescu and his companion make their way from the top on a ladder that looks like it could become dislodged at any moment. In fact, it looks like it already did near the top. The ladder is held "in place" by a rope tied to a higher level. Additionally, they make the climb down with no harness. The harness you see is just tethering the unicycle to his waist.

It's not the only time he's done stunts at this location. His YouTube channel — unsuitable for anyone with a fear of heights — has him slacklining across the center of the chimney in early August. It's not as flashy, but equally as terrifying.

Steel yourself, and watch the video above. Then never do this at any point in your life.

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