This Titanic-Themed Airbnb Is a Sight to Behold

The listing features Titanic-themed murals and boat-shaped beds... And that's just the tip of the iceberg.


When it comes to Airbnb, the more unique the better. As it turns out, however, there just might be such a thing as too unique. This Titanic-themed Airbnb option in Belfast, for example.

The home is a Titanic super fan's dream and an anxious sailor's nightmare. The listing calls the property (named after Rose, of course) a "romantic retreat," and we can't argue—nothing says romance quite like resting your head in a wooden boat bed, surrounded by brightly-colored murals. Guests are invited to "live the 1912 Titanic world journey," sans the tragedy, presumably.


This Airbnb is full of nautical-themed furnishings, trinkets, and artwork. It took years to complete the property, according to the listing. Each room features a slightly different take on the Titanic story. One bedroom, for example, features a mural of Jack and Rose at the ship's helm, while the kitchen has waves painted on the floor.

The property, which has an impressive 4.88-star rating, has three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a hot tub. The Airbnb is located near Queen Victoria Park and has views overlooking the Harland and Wolf shipyard (which, fun fact, is where the Titanic was built). It's near the Titanic visitor center, so you can get the full experience during your visit.

At about £97 (around $130) per night, the price isn't half bad either.

You can check out the listing here and book if you're moved by what you see.


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