Passenger Captures Video of Flames Shooting Out of United Plane's Engine Mid-Flight

There are plenty of ways to get over your fear of flying and bliss out on a flight, like doing breathing exercises and accepting death. And while the latter method can be a bit difficult to swallow, it is arguably the most effective, especially in circumstances where, I don't know, one of the engines bursts into flames and the pilot starts banking left, dropping altitude rapidly. 

Sometimes it takes a few turbulent plane rides before a passenger is comfortable in less-than-ideal flight conditions, and passenger Thomas Chorny went through some serious exposure therapy on a United Airlines flight from San Diego to Chicago early Monday. According to CNN, Chorney was sitting in seat 34F when he noticed the right wing of the plane was looking a little bit deadly. Flames were very clearly shooting out of the engine, as you can see in the video he shared on Twitter.

"What if this is it?" he asked himself, sitting in quiet horror, without a hand to hold. 

"The plane started to shake a bit like it was hitting turbulence, but the wings were perfectly still," Chorney told CNN. "I was halfway falling asleep but opened my eyes to look out the window and saw flames shooting from the right engine."

He decided not to say anything, but it became apparent fairly quickly that death was knocking at the emergency door. 

"They shut down the engine to idle, and the flames went out and then they started banking left for quite a while and we dropped a bunch of altitude." 

After about 10 minutes, the flight crew announced the plane would be making an emergency landing at Albuquerque International. The landing was a success, with no injuries reported, and the passengers were moved onto another plane. United said they would conduct a full inspection.

But try not to spend too much time worrying about the engines -- save some time for worrying about the coffee pot bursting into flames. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.