United's 2-Day Sale Has One-Way Flights for as Little as $39

Flight sales have become a rarity this year, but United will offer $390 one-way fares for two days to welcome daylight saving time.

united airlines flight sale november 2021
Photo by Joke van Eeghem/Shutterstock
Photo by Joke van Eeghem/Shutterstock

Despite this being the weekend of the good time change—gaining an hour of sleep instead of losing one—lots of people are probably still spending the morning wondering why we do this at all. Once you get bored of the biannual debate, you might want to take a look at what United Airlines is up to. 

It's using daylight saving time as an excuse to offer cheap flights for a couple of days. From 5 pm CT on November 7 through November 8, United is offering one-way fares for as little as $39. If you prefer to use the miles burning a hole in your frequent flyer account, the one-way fare will run you just 5,900 miles. (Though, you're still getting hit with taxes and fees, which the airline says starts at $5.60.)

The flights you'll find are for travel from November 21, 2021, through March 9, 2022. You're able to plan ahead a bit. This isn't exclusively for last-minute flights. There are, however, some capacity control measures for flights in the sale, so every flight might not have the low-cost seats. It would appear that the sooner you book, the more options you'll have.

You'll have to poke around the sale a little to see all of the destinations on offer, but it does include some alluring winter escapes like Tampa, San Diego, and Phoenix. As the temperatures start to drop and snow starts to become a fixture of the forecast, escaping to a warmer location is looking mighty appealing. 

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