United Is Taking Away Its Most Beloved In-Flight Snack & People Are Pissed

Just weeks after United Airlines was forced to reverse its decision to stop offering tomato juice on its flights, the carrier is making another in-flight food change that's angering travelers. This time, the airline is taking away -- albeit temporarily -- one of its most beloved morning snacks: the stroopwafel

On Wednesday, United announced it is introducing new maple-flavored cookies to its rotation of free snacks available on domestic flights departing before 9:45am. Considering how trendy maple-flavored foods are these days, this appears to be a great move... until you arrive at the bottom of the announcement where the company said, "[t]his new snack replaces the Stroopwafel, the current morning snack." Welp.

United said the change is part of an effort to "appeal to a broad palate." But what if the "broad palate" prefers the stroopwafels? The morning snack was so popular and beloved by travelers that United made a YouTube video (shown below), demonstrating the perfect way to eat them mid-flight with a cup of coffee.

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Youtube/United Airlines

To be clear, United said the beloved Stroopwafel isn't going away for good. The airline said it plans to make the snack available on domestic flights again sometime in the future and it will remain on international flights that depart from Europe before 9:30am, according to a press release. So, the days of drowning out the sounds of screaming children in the rows behind you with chewy caramel deliciousness aren't entirely over. Phew.

And yet, frequent stroopers incensed by the news took to Twitter to, uh, air (sorry) their frustration:

All said, there's a good chance you won't get to enjoy a stroopwafel on your next United morning flight, unless you tuck one in your carry-on bag. Hopefully, it won't be too long before they rotate back onto flights, but in the meantime, maybe people will complain on Twitter enough to make United back off from its plans entirely.

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