United Airlines Tweeted the Score of a Baseball Game to a Passenger With Bad WiFi


Airline Twitter accounts are bombarded with an insane amount of angry customer service queries. The poor souls running these accounts are pretty much steel-nerved warriors, but one social media whiz at United Airlines proved to be the ultimate eyes in the sky for a Cleveland Indians fan who had trouble watching last night's playoff game against the New York Yankees. 

It started when the gentleman (who sports the gentlemanly handle @Chipotle) tweeted at United, notifying the carrier that his in-flight WiFi was hiccuping during the MLB playoffs. Flying high above its usual mandate, United's Twitter began providing some game updates. 

At the moment, the Indians were getting drubbed, as United let the fan know: 

The riveting sports-ball dialogue continued throughout a couple innings. 

A few moments later, @Chipotle's wildest dreams came true, because the Indians rallied. United was more than happy to bare the good news. 

The Indians went on to mount a pretty improbable comeback, winning the game 9-8 in extra innings, while United did a pretty fine job making up for its spotty connectivity. Your move, literally every other airline in America. 

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