Universal Is Opening a Year-Round Horror Experience in Las Vegas

The company just unveiled the new permanent attraction's name.

Specific details haven't been unveiled yet, but what we do know for sure is that Universal's latest scary endeavor will be bone-chilling year round.

Universal Destinations & Experiences just announced that it is bringing the company's first-ever permanent horror experience to Las Vegas, and its name is enough to make your skin crawl. Universal Horror Unleashed will welcome horror fans in Vegas' iconic AREA15, and thanks to the company's well-known horror expertise, it will surely be something to remember.

Of course, it will be an immersive experience—so there is no time to be a scaredy cat! Once you're in, you're in. Expect the best of the worst: Universal Horror Unleashed will feature multiple horror-centric experiences, and even the bars and restaurants will be horror-themed. Plus, it's not like you see it once and you're done forever. The experience will constantly revamp with seasonal events to ensure guests always enjoy a brand-new visit.

"Universal Horror Unleashed is another way we are using our unique style of horror storytelling to engage fans of this genre," Page Thompson, president of new ventures at Universal Destinations & Experiences, said in a statement. "We look forward to bringing frightful fun to Las Vegas year-round."

Universal will soon share additional details on the new permanent horror experience. Make sure to check in with us for the latest updates and an opening date.

If you just can't wait for some good ole horror, Universal has got your back like always. Earlier this summer, Universal announced this year's lineup for its iconic Horror Nights, which are happening right now through November in both Orlando and Hollywood—you can find details right here.

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