Universal Studios Has Opened Its First Escape Rooms, Including a 'Jurassic World' One

Universal in Florida has opened "Jurassic World" and "Back to the Future"-themed escape rooms.

universal studios escape room
Courtesy of Universal Studios
Courtesy of Universal Studios

If asked to picture a theme park, most people will close their eyes and see a roller coaster or maybe a giant castle like you find at Disney World or in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But being entertained at a theme park is about a lot more than the four minutes you're actually on a coaster. 

Universal Orlando Resort has opened a new, slightly unexpected, attraction that is part of that puzzle. Universal's Great Movie Escape has officially opened at Universal CityWalk. It's a pair of escape rooms constructed with the know-how (and IP) at Universal's disposal. 

universal studios jurassic world escape room
Courtesy of Universal Studios

One of the escape rooms is Jurassic World-themed, and the other is a Back to the Future experience. The park promises that its collaboration with "escape room industry experts," its team, and the "visionary Jurassic World and Back to the Future filmmakers" has created something that "goes beyond the typical escape room."

Each room has challenges and adventures that the park says are randomized so that there are fresh challenges on each visit with story-driven and customizable experiences based on the group size.

The Jurassic World: Escape experience has guests playing the part of geneticists in a lab on Isla Nublar. During their training, an apex predator escapes containment. History tells us that this is bound to happen at these kinds of parks. You'll have to figure out how to survive. 

universal studios back to the future escape room
Courtesy of Universal Studios

In Back to the Future: OUTATIME, you're in a museum in 1993. Biff has stolen Doc Brown's new time travel device in an effort to toy with the space-time continuum. Guests, of course, have to save the future. And, probably, the past.

Since the escape rooms are at Universal CityWalk, you do not need a park pass to get in. Though, it does cost $50 per person. Each experience includes up to six people and might mean that you're mixing your group with another. The private party version starts at $300 for a group of up to eight people. If you succeed in your quest, maybe you can use Doc Brown's technology to go back in time and win the lottery to make up for the admission cost.

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