This Ingenious T-Shirt Is the Ultimate Travel Accessory

You know that awkward moment when you can't ask if the cafe has a bathroom because you don't speak the barista's native language? Yeah, that's never going to happen to you while traveling again. That is, if you get one of these t-shirts.

Iconspeak is a clothing line devoted to making worldwide communication easier through one simple concept: universal icons on clothes. Take this brilliant shirt as an example; it's littered with universal symbols for things like beer, W-iFi, bus, telephone, and bathroom, allowing you to just point to an icon to be understood. It's a winning idea that should make traveling a whole lot easier for those who aren't trilingual.

The company sells a variety of products all with the same premise, like this tote bag. T-shirts go for $33 and the tote is on sale for $22. Everything's available for purchase on the Iconspeak website.

Now sure, you could pull out Google Translate and forget the shirt or tote, but as Iconspeak points out, "A shirt does not need to be recharged," and since your iPhone battery is always dying, that's actually a legitimate perk.

Or on second thought, you could just learn the language.

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