This Company Will Pay You $1,000 to Travel Around the World Virtually

Break your cabin fever by dipping your toes in cool digital travel experiences.


Since the beginning of lockdown we've been equally charmed and depressed by the pixelated possibilities of travel. Turns out you can explore the entire world from your living room, including beloved national parks, iconic museums, and exclusive vacation islands off the coast of Singapore (via Animal Crossing)... But what of the wanderlusting soul? 

Well, the wanderlusting soul will take a backseat once it hears the news that the travel website Upgraded Points wants to pay someone $1,000 to take 10 of these aforementioned virtual tours, and decide which destination reigns supreme. 

In recognition of our virtual tour fatigue, the travel website decided it was time to add another dimension to an otherwise 2D experience. 

"As the quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic continues, people are getting very creative about how they stave off cabin fever," the application reads. "We’re all going a little stir crazy, so we’ve been diving headfirst into these virtual tours and we’ve all picked our favorites. Which inspired us to do a little project."

If you get the job, all you really have to do is select 10 tours from a list the website will provide, which includes myriad, diverse options, like the Louvre, Disney World, and the Great Wall of China. Then you review the features of each and choose one as your "dream destination."

Whether you want to spend your $1,000 on Disney World once it reppens in July -- or on more comfy clothes to sit at home with -- is up to you, boo. Just hurry and submit, because the application closes at the end of the month. 

According to the job description, applicants must be at least 18, love travel, have strong attention to detail, have an active social media presence, and be able to take 10 virtual tours within a month. The winner will be notified on June 30, 2020, and all forms for each virtual tour must be filled out by the end of July.

And whether or not you get the gig, I highly recommend touring the ancient Egyptian tombs for a closer look than you'd get IRL. 

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